Paris Fashion Week


Angie Harmon at Paris Fashion Week

Today began with lunch, which was had at an outdoor table in a café near the Opéra National de Paris. Strains of jazz floated from the bar inside as the passersby glanced in at the bright red tables. I ordered a Croque Madame and read one of my novels, while occasionally glancing up at the Alexandre Herchcovitch fashion show on TV, part of the Paris fashion week channel’s coverage. Yes. There’s a whole channel.

Little did I know that just an hour later, I’d be in the midst of Paris Fashion Week myself! You see, I had hopped over to the Jardin des Tuileries, and was wandering about taking pictures of trees when I noticed several well-dressed photographers taking picture of even better-dressed models who seemed to be walking to an event (which turned out to be the Elie Saab fashion show). I sat myself down on a nearby bench to see how this situation would develop. While I sat, I was approached by a lanky model wannabe who had mistaken me for one of the event’s coordinators. Probably because of how fashionable I am. She was looking to get discovered and I was looking to have an adventure, so we stuck together.

About 15 minutes later, the Running of the Fashionable began! The crowd of photographers had grown and for whatever reason, the runway models and other chic attendees (including Angie Harmon, pictured above) walked back and forth between venues right out in the open amongst all the tourists. And because I now had a terribly tall and well-dressed friend (I felt this lent me some legitimacy), the two of stood in the middle of it all, snapping pictures left and right. The clothes and people were stunning, the weather was lovely, and the entire scene was simply steeped in chic-ness. It was a glorious afternoon.

Afterwards, I meandered home through the streets of Saint Germain des-Prés and Invalides. Dusk had fallen and the lights of the buildings’ apartments were quietly lit, offering a glance into the elegant apartments within. Ah, la vie parisienne! Below are my pics from the Paris Fashion Week – enjoy!





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