Je suis arrivée!

First dinner in Paris

First dinner in Paris!

Je suis arrivée – I have officially arrived in Paris! After a fairly confused taxi ride with a well-meaning driver, (who didn’t speak English and then got lost) my two overweight suitcases and I have beat all the odds and made it to France in one piece. So as soon as my current novels were neatly stacked on the bedside table, I donned my most Parisian outfit and ventured out to explore the neighborhood.

My first stop was La Défense, the business district. As it’s Sunday, this maze of glass towers, tunnels, dead-ends, and bridges was eerily deserted. I assumed everyone was home eating cheese. Luckily, my tower is easy to find, as the company name is displayed proudly right across the top! The second stop in my exploration was Île du Pont, a small island park in the middle of the Seine. When a surprise rain shower hit, everyone took cover under the still-green trees. From under my willow tree, I watched several French couples peek out from under the branches, planning their escape routes. It was a delightful moment and I’ve decided to hide under trees more often. Last in my exploration was Neuilly, my soon-to-be stomping grounds. Filled with tree-lined streets and gorgeous old architecture, the neighborhood is in every way Parisian. And I discovered that my apartment is directly above a supermarket – let the fun begin!

Then in preparation for my first Parisian dinner, I wandered the streets, searching for the perfect baguette. This proved to be a challenge, as there is a boulangerie glowing warmly on every corner, each more delightful than the next. I selected a small bakery with a line curled around the counter and a happy couple munching on baguettes in front of the window. Buying a single baguette (in French, mind you), I tore off the end to eat right away, as instructed my darling sister. And as I strolled down the leaf-covered sidewalk, the baguette peeked jauntily out of my bag, seeming to hum happily: “Bienvenue à Paris!”


2 thoughts on “Je suis arrivée!

  1. Ahhh, the baguettes!! They are truly wonderful and have spoiled me….I simply can’t buy them in the states anymore. Enjoy a few for me!

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